Wherever possible I will let you have a best estimate of my likely notary fees to be incurred on any notarial act. For this, and to enable me to scope the work, I will need from you the relevant paperwork, such as, the document(s) to be authenticated by a notary, and any accompanying instructions that you may have received from the legal representatives in the overseas jurisdiction.

Some notary work, such as authenticating a passport or producing a single page letter, are relatively straightforward. For these matters, I charge a minimum document fee of £125. However, where the notarial work required is more complex then a higher fee will be incurred. I will endeavour to provide a breakdown of the various elements of the work to show how the fee is reached.  If there are going to be changes to the original estimate because the scope of the work has changed, then I reserve the right to review and change the fee estimate and I will advise you of any changes required as soon as possible.

My hourly rate is currently £250. I review my hourly rate regularly (but not more than once a year) and will advise of any updates.

I do not apply VAT to my fees.


There are likely to be several other costs incurred in your matter, in addition to my notary fees. As such, you will be responsible for any such disbursements that I incur on your behalf, and I may require you to put me in funds in advance of incurring such disbursements. As with the fees, I will let you know what these disbursements are as early as possible in the transaction and before they are incurred.

The types of such disbursements will include the following:

  • Legalisation fees that are payable to the FCDO and/or a Consulate or Embassy.
  • Fees incurred for the translation of foreign documents and for using (and certification by) an interpreter.
  • Travelling expenses.
  • Fees for the use of couriers as well as postage costs.
  • Costs incurred in using specialist Agents dealing with legalisation of documents at an Embassy or Consulate.
  • Fees incurred at Companies House (investigating the registers and/or obtaining formal copy documentation).
  • Any other third-party costs.
  • Carrying out Anti-Money Laundering checks by search agents.

Please also refer to my Terms of Business for further information on fees, disbursements, and the payment of them.